Greeting Welcome to DHC Online Professional Education

Daegu Health College (DHC) is located in Daegu, Korea,
the third largest metropolitan city and the center of the Yeongnam region
which is the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula.

Near the campus is beautiful Mt. Palgong which feels like a garden at home,
and within an hour drive there are many world-famous historical sites such as Seokgulam Grotto,
Hahoe Folk Village, and Haeinsa Temple.

DHC values your life and your future.
To be responsible for your better life and your brighter future, DHC offers an excellent
faculty and high-tech facilities, guaranteeing professional jobs. The ISO 9001 quality system
certified DHC is run based on the demand of students, advances for tomorrow, and serves our community.

As an incubator for producing competent leaders in their field, DHC embraces you with open arms.

Why don't you step on a springboard at DHC to achieve your dream of success?